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Jan Chalupecký  jan-chalupecky

Conductor Jan Chalupecký, graduate of the Prague Conservatory (specialization cello), started his professional artistic path as a member of the orchestra and eventually conductor of the Prague Chamber Opera in the years 1990-1993. In the 1993/1994 season he starts to work in the National Theater in Prague (NT) as the assistant of the phenomenal Czech conductor Zdeněk Košler, with whom he studies the opera of Antonín Dvořák, ...


richard-heinRichard Hein

Richard Hein has been a conductor engaged with the State Opera Prague since 1997. He studied conducting with Professor Milan Horvát, and with Wolfgang Bosic at the Hochschule für Musik in Graz, Austria. In the subsequent period, he worked with a number of opera and symphony orchestras, recording for ORF and appearing in concert productions in the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, ...


tomas-braunerTomáš Brauner

Tomáš Brauner graduated from the Prague Conservatoire in 1999, where he studied oboe with Prof. František Kimel, and in 2001 he completed his conducting studies there under Prof. Miriam Němcová and Prof. Miroslav Košler. At the Academy of Music in Prague he studied under Prof. Radomil Eliška, Prof. Josef Kuchinka, Prof. František Vajnar and Associate Prof. Petr Vronský, then he made a study visit to the Universität für Müsik ...