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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear music friends,

The Bohemia Symphony Orchestra Prague offers artistic co-operation to you. We can offer a rich choice of various music ensembles with any instrumental cast from chamber ensembles to a chamber and a large symphony orchestra on professional level. Any of your ideas and needs can be satisfied.

At present, the members are experienced musicians from Prague's symphony and opera orchestras.

We offer:

• Accompaniments of choirs and soloists

• Symphony concerts

• Opera orchestra

• Recording of music - Studio

• Other musical performances

The price can vary according to the size of the orchestra, the distance from Prague and depending on your particular wishes. If there are two or more concerts on the tour we can grant you a reduction.

The price also includes two rehearsals with the conductor in State Opera Prague,

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the main and general rehearsal in your country, the concert(s) and the travel costs. The price does not include the accommodation for the musicians and bus chauffeurs. 

If you send us a demand to our address we will readily send you back a rough calculation.

We hope you will enjoy the co-operation with the Bohemia Symphony Orchestra Prague to your full satisfaction.