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Sono Records- the complex with a direction room and a large sound studio (285 square metres, 8 metres high) and workplace where dance, jazz and big band music as well as chamber, solo, choir or film music in the symphony cast and other music production can be recorded.

Sono Records is not simply just a recording, mixing and mastering studio. We can offer to our clients full service including the booking of the orchestra, conductors, great engineers with years of experience(all of them speaking english),scores printing and copying,help with booking the flights and accommodation and other travel needs. Our prices are a fifth of London, Boston or NewYork so you will save a big amount of money and you will get a great sounding records.


Direction Room Outfit

Mixing panel

The Neve serie V 96 input/48 channel console with Necam 96 motorised faders and automation system.

Recording and Production System

Your music can be recorded onto the 24-track OTARI MTR 90 III. with or without the DOLBY SR and it´s possible to use also the 72-track PROTOOLS HD III system powered by Mac G5 4x2.5G with 192 KHz converters APOGEE AD/DA 16 32 in/out. The studio offers accordingly more than 96 tracks fully synchronised among them but also with other professional audio and video standards.

Speaker monitor 


The direction also offers a Yamaha NS 10 N system for 5.1 monitoring.